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Das Good Cafe

Welcome to Das Good Cafe, where we celebrate the perfect blend of Asian and Hawaiian flavors. Our full-service BYOB restaurant is your go-to destination for a unique culinary experience.

A Full-service BYOB restaurant.

Asian and Hawaiian cuisine

Vietnamese chicken spring rolls Das Good Cafe Philly

Our Family​

Das Good Inc was formed with the love of creating and allowing others to try dishes from around the world.

Made with Love & care

At Das Good Cafe, we believe that food should be made with love and care. That’s why we make all of our food from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients.

Fresh Flavors, Classic Roots

At Das Good Cafe, we believe that food should be both authentic and delicious. That’s why we take traditional Asian and Hawaiian dishes and give them a modern twist.

Meet The Chefs

Anh Vongbandith

Meet Anh Vongbandith, the brilliant culinary mastermind and owner of Das Good Cafe, a culinary sensation in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. With a passion for pushing boundaries and creating innovative flavor combinations, Anh has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts across the region.

With an extensive background in the restaurant and real estate industries, Anh brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her craft. Her professional attitude and ability to thrive in ever-changing environments have cemented her reputation as a true culinary artist.

From managing small teams to overseeing large-scale operations, Anh’s leadership skills are second to none. Her magnetic personality and exceptional customer service skills create a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps diners coming back for more.

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Lao burger by Das Good Cafe in Philadelphia

Modern Asian-Hawaiian Food

The Fusion

At Das Good Cafe, we take pride in our unique concept of Asian-Hawaiian fusion. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of both regions, we combine the vibrant flavors, ingredients, and techniques to create a truly exceptional dining experience. Our menu showcases the best of Asian and Hawaiian cuisine, blending the bold and spicy flavors of Asia with the fresh and tropical tastes of Hawaii.

From tantalizing dishes that harmoniously marry diverse ingredients to innovative interpretations of classic favorites, each bite at Das Good Cafe is a delightful exploration of this extraordinary fusion. Join us and embark on a culinary journey where two cultures come together in perfect harmony.